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Some words from people who know me well


Fundraising Director at Jewish Care

David has a unique ability to engage people  in a genuine process where the needs of a charity are matched with the philanthropic and financial aims of the individual donor or charitable trust. With his experience,  skills, knowledge and ability to engage people with the cause I  would recommend anyone wishing to know about philanthropy or fundraising as a career to spend time learning from and learning with David Goldberg.


Director Of Philanthropy at Unicef UK

I have known David for over 30 years and am extremely grateful to him for spotting my leadership potential, at a time when I didn’t realise I had any, and provided opportunities for me to develop my skills and capabilities. I have taken David’s advice from the early days of my career, and am proud to have worked at the NSPCC, Great Ormond Street Hospital and Cancer Research UK. David is an exceptional talent – he is a strategic planner, he builds long-lasting and deep relationships, he is able to nurture talent and help both individuals and organisations to overcome challenges and achieve their ambitious plans.


Chief Executive at JW3

It was David who first encouraged me to take a leadership role in the community, and who trained, guided and mentored me whilst I took the first steps on my journey to where I am today. And it has often been David to whom I have turned for advice and guidance over the past twenty years of my professional career, confident that I will benefit from his experience, wisdom and honest feedback. I am immensely grateful to David for always demonstrating a strong sense of personal example as an inspiring role model of leadership and management in the non-profit communal sector.


Fundraising Director at Camp Simcha

I worked with David at UJIA for more than 10 years and he has played a very big part in my progression in the field of fundraising and my career. David is an excellent fundraiser and a fantastic role model - passionate, honest and committed - and working with him has given me these skills too. One of the key skills David taught me was about relationship building and earning people's trust. David also taught me about perseverance and not to take things personally when you're fundraising and people say no!

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