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About me

I have really loved my almost 40 years in the not for profit sector working for some amazing organisations and charities. It’s been a real journey – from a young idealistic, committed and socially conscious Youth Worker back in the 1980’s to a successful and respected Director of Fundraising.

I have always found fundraising to be a real privilege and have enjoyed the responsibility of leading a team of fundraisers, having collectively raised over £130 million in 10 years

And I never lost that youthful idealism, that commitment and that sense of social consciousness and I am now sharing my many years of knowledge, skills and experience to help your charity increase income through my own consultancy business.

I have a specialist skill set to help charities with recruitment, training and mentoring of fundraising staff.

I have experience working with Chief Executives and Fundraising Directors creating a practical, appropriate and insightful fundraising strategy.


I have an immense amount of knowledge to support Funding Bodies, Foundations, Charities, Donors and Corporate Clients about maximising the impact of their philanthropy.

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