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Trustees Training
on         or in the room

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I run bespoke fundraising training for Trustees of Charities either in Zoom or in person.
The sessions can  vary in length from 4 hours to three day and have a covered a variety of topics including

  • Setting a fundraising vision

  • Setting fundraising goals

  • Fundraising responsibilities and expectations

  • Anatomy of a relationship between asker and giver

  • Why donors give

  • The giving cycle

  • Overcoming fears of asking

  • The gift of asking

  • How to ask for money

  • Thanking and stewardship

If you are interested in discussing a fundraising training session for Trustees, please give me a call on 07770 262351
or send an email to

What they said about
Trustees Fundraising Training

Jo Youle.jpg

It was a real pleasure to welcome David to Missing People where he presented to the Executive team and to Trustees. David had really done his research, spent good time with our fundraising team in advance and matched well to our way of working and the organisational values of the charity. We really liked the examples and case studies and storytelling - especially the stories of success, of course. He’s helped to inspire us and most importantly - boosted our confidence around ‘making the ask’.

Bernard Yaffe.jpg

A huge thank you David for what was an ‘ideas packed session’- totally strategic, relevant, fact based, balanced,  engaging, stimulating, thought provoking, self challenging and extremely professional. Look forward to a follow on!

Clive Sheldon QC

Chair, New Israel Fund

I was really impressed with David’s presentation. David clearly has a wealth of experience in the fundraising arena. David managed to convey his knowledge thoughtfully and with good humour.


The content of David’s presentation was excellent; the delivery was well-paced and fluent; and David’s engagement and interaction with my Trustees was strong. David really took the fear out the charity ‘ask’ for many of my Trustees, which can only be good for our organisation.

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