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Be a Fundraiser

The most rewarding job you will ever have

Watch this short video.
If you would like to know more
please give me a call on 07770 262351 or email me at

Would you like to do a job that stretches you, is impactful and gives great job satisfaction? If you want to make a difference to the community and be responsible for making the world a better place, then a career in fundraising may be for you.
There is nothing more worthwhile than getting up in the morning, going to work and being the person who has made a difference to the lives of others. That is what is at the core of fundraising.
If you are currently in a job that is not “doing it” for you and are thinking about doing a more meaningful job, please talk to me.  Fundraising is an amazing profession. Please give me a call on 07770 262351 or email me at
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