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Safe and Comfortable


Avenue House

Avenue House is a
Covid Secure Registered Venue
with the local authority.

I totally understand concerns around COVID 19 and doing this course in person.

I believe that in these challenging times,

charities are only going to succeed with major donors if they are able to be in the same physical space as them in accordance with,
and adhering to, government guidelines. 

This course models that and gives participants the confidence to nurture and build relationships with major donors.

I have run this course at Avenue House in September 2020 and May 2021 maintaining government Covid guidelines. 

8 participants and myself were able to do the course safely and comfortably in a bright, airy and spacious room with 2m social distancing, sanitizing and individualised food, snacks and a meal provided.


There was a lot of attention to detail to make everyone feel safe and comfortable.
Here is some of the feedback from participants


Absolutely brilliant!  Tablecloths, our own sealed food and drinks bags- handled with gloves. Temperature taken at entrance, hand sanitiser on table and in our own bags. Spaced out tables.

It did get a bit chilly in the room with the windows open but I brought layers with me knowing that might happen. The food was very tasty. The snack bags were very generous indeed and very thoughtfully put together. Huge attention to detail which was very much appreciated.

The venue was great, the room was airy, spacious and had character (much better than a soul-less office or conference room).     The snack bags were a really lovely touch and I certainly did not go hungry. The food from Daniels was fine - given the Covid situation having single plated food makes most sense. The salmon was the best meal (albeit a little light on the fish front).

The room was great, not too big that we all felt miles apart but also not to small that we were on top of each other.  I was extremely impressed with the food bags and food.  I will definitely be sharing this with my colleagues as we do a lot of training events.


Thank you for making it so comfortable - I have been very cautious about Covid but really did feel at ease as you had us all spaced out with windows open and I felt you had taken every possible precaution to ensure our safety.


The fruit was all delicious and it was really lovely to have fruit as well as the biscuits, sweets and chocolate. Thank you for the generous portions and plentiful bottles of water.

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