60 activities for 60 years for 60 charities

For my 60th birthday, I have set myself 60 activities I want to do/achieve by the time I am 61 on 27th June 2022.
I would also like to raise as much money as I can for 60 chosen charities associated with the activities.



Always wanted to go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and we did in August 2018 and had a great time.

Chosen Charity

Impact Arts Edinburgh work with young people on the basis that creativity can be a vehicle for change. 


Scuba Diving

I'd like to learn how to dive and get a PADI certificate

Chosen Charity

Scuba diving for people with disabilities and disadvantages


Half Marathon

Not decided if I am going to jog, walk or just marshal at a Half Marathon but would like to at least have a go

SportsAid helps the most promising young British athletes by providing them with financial support, recognition and personal development opportunities during the critical early stages of their careers.


Clear out loft

Will I ever need that VHS video or look at my kids primary school paintings? It's not fair to leave it to them to sort out at a  later date so now is the time to have a good clear out.

clear loft.jpg

Chosen Charity

Aboard Shops charity shops that raise funds from donated goods that have provided hospital equipment, outings and respite care for the terminally ill children, research projects, and learning programmes, as well as contributing towards residential care for the elderly.


Abba Museum,


Just has to be done

5 Abba Museum.jpg

Chosen Charity

Waterloo Uncovered is a registered UK charity that combines a world‐class archaeology project on the battlefield of Waterloo with veteran care and recovery.




Not just Karaoke but would
like to do a solo in public.
Currently thinking about 
John Legend's All of Me.

Chosen Charity

Future Talent

click to donate

 Inspiring future generations of musical talent, providing access to life-changing opportunities to young musicians from low-income backgrounds


Day out in

Yeh !
Nicky and I finally got visit the beautiful city of Bath on Sunday 16th February 2020.

It was a bit rainy and windy but we had a great time.

Chosen Charity

Bath Preservation Trust

click to donate

Promoting high standards of planning and architecture in Bath, striving to ensure the future success of our special heritage city through conservation, education and museums



Nicky and I went to Northern Ireland and to Belfast in August 2020. I had wanted to visit this city which I grew up hearing about on the news in my lifetime, but never understood. It was a meaningful and troubling visit. We learnt that whilst the violence had dissipated (for now) , the mistrust, hatred and divisions remain. Yet other parts of our 2 day visit were hopeful and positive. A complex part of the world.

done tick.png

Chosen Charity

Co-operation Ireland

click to donate

Works to promote and encourage interaction, dialogue, and practical collaboration between the peoples of Northern Ireland and between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.


Let It Be

Can't play the piano for Toffees.
But if I am going to learn one song,
it has to be Let it Be.

Chosen Charity

KIND Liverpool

Click to donate

Making a difference in the lives of thousands of disadvantaged children and families from across Liverpool and Merseyside.


Taj Mahal

As we've already done Great Wall of China, Petra and the Collosium,

time to visit the next

"new" seven wonder of the world - Taj Mahal.

Chosen Charity

Of the 26 million Indian children who enter first grade each year, half will reach fifth grade unable to read or write. Founded in partnership with UNICEF and the Mumbai Municipal Corporation, Pratham has worked for over two decades to address this education crisis.



I would love to learn how to do Archery and take a couple of lessons

Chosen Charity

British Blind
Archery Club

click to donate

Helping  visually impaired people play archery.



for a day

Maybe it's the dawning that I am about to enter a new decade, but it's time to get a little bit interested in ornithology and  go on a bird watching day

Chosen Charity

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds focuses on protecting species of birds and help nurture their recovery, through a combination of research, partnerships, landscape-scale conservation and policy work.



Get to see a real igloo -

hopefully made of real snow

and in an Arctic country.

Chosen Charity

Chabad Iceland

Click to donate

Provide for the spiritual & material needs of all Jews in Iceland - regardless of their background, affiliation or financial means, and to provide insight and explanation on Judaism’s history and universal values to our friends beyond the Jewish community who would like to learn more.


Yom Ha'atzmaut

in Israel

Spent nearly all my professional life organising Yom Ha'atzmaut celebrations in London.
Time to be there for the real thing.

Chosen Charity

UJIA invests in young people's education in Israel and connects the UK Jewish community with the people of Israel.


Cookery Course

I want to do a short course, perhaps a baking  course. I can make a decent chicken soup or roast beef but am clueless when it comes to baking a cake.

Planningbrain 3.jpg

Chosen Charity

Kids Cookery School

Click to donate

The Kids' Cookery School's works with young people, many of whom may have severe physical and learning disabilities, behavioural problems or been excluded from mainstream education. 


Daf Yomi

This is a biggy. Nicky and I  have already started (Jan 4th 2020) on this 14th cycle of
Daf Yomi - learning a page of Talmud each day for 7 1/2 years.

Due to be completed June 7th 2027.

Chosen Charity

Limmud enables every participant to take one step further on his or her Jewish journey​




I'd love to do it.

You only live once.



Chosen Charity

Support Our Paras

Click to donate

Supports The Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces through the welfare of veterans, serving soldiers and their families, and through the maintenance of its regimental efficiency, ethos, spirit and heritage.



Inspired by Harpo Marx, and Jacqueline Feldman, it's an instrument that has always made me feel good and relaxed. I'd love to have a few lessons and see if I can get  a tune out it.

Chosen Charity

Orchestras For All

Click to donate

Breaks down barriers stopping many young people who lack financial, social or cultural support from accessing music-making opportunities across the UK.


Desert Island

I'd like to compile my Top 8 songs of all times and talk about them. Not sure if it will make it to Radio 4 but maybe I'll do a YouTube video.

Chosen Charity

Plastic Oceans UK

Click to donate

Campaigning, educating and researching solutions to protect our ocean from plastic


Rosh Hashana

 Rosh Hashana 5782 (2021). After years of seeing an assortment of weird, hippy like Chasidim going to Uman on Rosh Hashana, I am going to go and experience it for myself - and maybe take a few friends with me!

Chosen Charity

Breslov Research Institute
Click to donate

Focuses its efforts on invigorating the Jewish soul through publishing and producing in all contemporary formats the timeless wisdom of Hasidic master, storyteller, and Kabbalist Rebbe Nachman of Breslov


Elvis Festival

Viva Las Vegas! Viva Weston Super Mare!
We had such a fun time at  
the Harbour Lights Elvis Festival 2020. We met and spoke to dozens of ETA's (Elvis Tribute Artists) and sang and danced and watched in utter amazement!

Chosen Charity

Elvis Presley Endowed Scholarship Fund

Click to donate

Assist students  from the University of Memphis majoring in areas that relate to Elvis' own career: music, film, television, theatre, etc



I have to do this.
One week at a Yeshiva - full on - no trimmings. Just Talmud, Tanach, Philosophy 
all day every day.

Chosen Charity

Midreshet Harova

Click to donate

Provides a high level religious Zionist educational experience for young women from the Diaspora. Liora attended in 2013/2014.


Zip Wire

I am told it's not that easy but have yet to experience it.
Very up for having a go.

Chosen Charity

Bushey Eruv
Click to donate

The Bushey Eruv allows members of the Jewish community in Bushey to follow the same rules on Shabbat, both in the home, and outside the home within the Eruv. 


Tai Chi

I'd like to have at least one or two Tai Chi experiences. It looks so peaceful and healthy and very detoxicating. Is that a word?

Chosen Charity

Tai Chi for Better Health
Click to donate

Training Tai Chi Instructors - giving better balance, improved mobility, relaxation, relief from stress, anxiety and depression and an overall improvement in health and well being.


Ride an Elephant

Looks like it's easy. I have no idea how big an elephant really is and wondered what it would be like to ride through the jungle on an elephant.

Chosen Charity

Born Free-
Elephants in Crisis

Click to donate

Campaigning for a global ban on the trade in Elephant ivory since 1989


Hot Air Balloon

I have actually tried to do this about 15 times in my life but it has always been cancelled at the last minute die to inclement weather or strong winds.
Hopefully, I'll get a chance to do it now.

Chosen Charity

Cloud Appreciation Society
Click to join

Seek to remind people that clouds are expressions of the atmosphere’s moods, and can be read like those of a person’s countenance.


Sound of Music

We had a blast in March 2019. We dressed up, got on the bus, did the Sound of Music tour, sang all the songs and visited many of the scenes from the greatest musical movie of all time !

Chosen Charity

The Von Trapp Foundation
Click to donate

The Georg & Agathe Foundation's hope is to spread some goodness in the world. Their mission is to give back  and preserve and share history. They concentrate on three focus areas, to: champion music and art, promote connection, and archive and educate.​​ 



Never given blood in my entire life. If they will let me, then I think it's about time for me to do this.

Planningbrain 3.jpg

Chosen Charity

Anthony Nolan Trust
Click to donate

Every day, we match incredible individuals willing to donate their blood stem cells or bone marrow to people with blood cancer and blood disorders who desperately need lifesaving transplants.


Drive-in Movie

Thanks to COVID 19 with not much else to do, Liora, Dan, Nicky and myself went to a Drive In Movie and watched GREASE in July 2020

done tick.png

Chosen Charity


Click to donate

Brings the real benefits of cinematherapy to patients and their families throughout the UK.




Nicky and I had a great evening in August 2020 at Bushey Pottery learning the skills on the Potters Wheel (we each made a cup) as well as hand building (we each made a bowl).
Lots of fun, thanks to
Lucy our teacher

30 (2) Potters wheel.jpg
done tick.png

Chosen Charity

Click to donate

Does remarkable work with people who have learning disability, autism and other complex needs such as visual and hearing impairment . . . they enjoy and love attending pottery classes in the London Borough of Barnet.



Never done it. Many of my friends have with their kids but I managed to either avoid it or wasn't very interested in doing it.
But, now is the time.

Planningbrain 3.jpg

Chosen Charity

Community RePaint

Click to donate paint

Community RePaint is a UK wide paint reuse network, sponsored by Dulux, that aims to collect this leftover paint and redistribute it to benefit individuals, families, communities and charities in need at an affordable cost.


Be an Extra

Inspired by one if my favourite comedy series, Ricky Gervais' "Extras", it's time for my
10 seconds of fame on either TV or in a film. Keep a look out for me on Coronation Street
(or something like that).

Chosen Charity

Film & TV Charity

Click to donate

Delivers financial and emotional support services to those in the Tv and Film industry including a 24/7 Support Line, awards to help people overcome barriers and support their families and travel to work opportunities



I think we did a tour once but next yet see any RSC production of one of Shakespeare's plays on this famous stage. 

Chosen Charity

Shakespeare School Foundation

Click to donate

Cultural education charity that gives young people across the UK the confidence to succeed in life.


Message in a Bottle

Probably one of the easier tasks in this list. Just want to send a message in a bottle and through it into the sea. Never done it before.
Look forward to accomplishing it very soon.

Chosen Charity

Rays of Sunshine
Click to donate

Brightens the lives of seriously ill young people and their families by granting wishes and providing ongoing support in hospital and within the community.



After many years of pretend Tango dancing with my daughter, it's time to learn the Tango properly - with Nicky.

Chosen Charity

I can dance
Click to donate

Uses creative, therapeutic and educational tools to support children and young people with disabilities to find connection, build self-confidence and explore opportunities to express themselves through dance.


Sign Language

I am in awe of people who can learn any language let  alone sign language. It's time to see if  I can  do this.

Planningbrain 3.jpg

Chosen Charity

Jewish Deaf Association
Click to donate

Dedicated to supporting everyone who is deaf or hard of hearing - people of all faiths and none, at all stages of life.


Star Wars

I am ashamed to say that I have only ever seen the very first Star Wars movie back in 1977. I know,I know it's a hang my head in shame moment. But  all that will be put right when I watch all the Star Wars movies back to back over an upcoming holiday.

Chosen Charity

Share A Star
Click to donate

Sends a positive message of hope to seriously unwell children to make them feel extra special by creating a unique holding star. Each star is handmade and features the youngster’s favourite things.


Harry Potter

Ditto for Harry Potter. Just seen the first movie although I don't feel as embarrassed by that. The box set is lined up for a record breaking weekend binge before June 2022.

Chosen Charity

Founded by J K Rowling, Lumos rescues children from orphanages and reunite them with families. We change education, health and social care systems so all children and families can access the care and protection they deserve.


Only Fools

On my 50th birthday - fast  approaching almost 10 years ago, I treated myself to the box set of Only Fools and Horses. I have started watching the set and promise myself that I will complete this task, even if I am watching the  last episodes minutes before the June 2022 deadline.

Made a start 3.jpg

Chosen Charity

Peckham Theatre
Click to donate

Flagship cultural venue that serves its local community, providing skills and opportunities, working with excellent creatives in a venue that is both locally focussed with a national and international vision.


Airfix Model

Believe it or not,I have never put  an Airfix model together. I didn't have a deprived childhood, but I think it was easier for my  parents to  stick me in front of the telly and watch Batman than sit and  encourage me to do something like an Airfix model. So, time to put this right.

Chosen Charity

RAF Museum
Click to donate

Telling the fascinating story of the RAF and of the thousands of ordinary Servicemen and women who have served in it and whose invaluable contribution has shaped the world that we live in today. 


Flying Lesson

I did it. I flew a plane for about 10 minutes over the Dartford River Crossing and the Thames. Lovely morning, great experience. August 2020

done tick.png

Chosen Charity

Click to donate

Aerobility provides many people with disabilities to push the boundaries and experience the exhilaration of completing an aviation. 



I am going to do a cocktail making  course. I don't drink cocktails or even alcohol for that matter,but I think I should be given that my millions of  people all over the world seem to enjoy it. A cocktail making course seems like a good entry point

Chosen Charity

Alcoholics Anonymous UK
Click to donate

Provides confidential 365 days-a-year help to people who have a drinking problem and wish to get and stay sober. 



I'd like to grow my own  vegetables in the garden and it them as part  of one of our Friday night Shabbat meals.

Chosen Charity

Sadeh is the UK's Jewish Farm and Environmental Community



I feel that I have to be there on the front line at a future climate change protest. Not for me but for my grandchildren. Inspired by the Gran character  on BBC's Years on Years TV Series, I am going to play my part.

Chosen Charity

Extinction Rebellion
Click to donate

The science is clear: It is understood that we are facing an unprecedented global emergency. We are in a life or death situation of our own making.
We must act now



I am not looking to go to prison but just to visit a prison. I have a few contacts on  the inside and hope to arrange a visit soon.

Chosen Charity

Sing Inside
Click to donate

Delivers group singing workshops in prisons, connecting volunteers drawn from the local community with their local prison communities. Our workshops use musical learning to build confidence, break down social stigma and strengthen communities


Northern Lights

I have been convinced by Nicky that we should see the Northern Lights. And I agree, we should.

Chosen Charity

Northern Lights Charity
Click to donate

A children’s charity formed to raise funds to give children with life limiting illnesses the unique experience of a very special holiday to see Santa in Lapland.



We are somewhat obsessed with Gavin and Stacey and therefore a Gavin and Stacey tour of Barry Island is there ready for us to venture.

Chosen Charity

 Sunshine Coaches
Click to donate

Variety Sunshine Coaches offers specially adapted, accessible transport for SEND schools and other non-profit organisations working with disabled or disadvantaged children and young people.


Soup Kitchen

Volunteer in a Soup Kitchen for a day

Chosen Charity

Manna Meir Pannim

Click to donate

Meir Panim is on the front line of the daily battle against poverty and hunger in Israel.


Round of Drinks

I want to go into a pub
and shout out
"next round on me"

Chosen Charity

The Drinks Trust
Click to donate

The Drinks Trust has provided care and support to the people who form the drinks industry workforce, both past and present.



Not that I am a massive Royalist, but would be nice to get a selfie with a member of the Royal family

Chosen Charity

Royal Free Charity
Click to donate

Our ambitions are to help every patient get the best journey though diagnosis and treatment surrounded by 'Friends' who provide help whenever needed.


Santa for 

a day

I'd like to be Santa for a day
and bring some cheer to the world.